Locating Black Autism houses a dynamic archive of stories and representations by and about Black Autists. This site carves out space for Black Autists, educators, researchers, family members, caregivers, and allies to intervene in ableism, reductive representations, and pathologizing erasures of Black neurodivergent lives and experiences. Informed by creativity, courage, and radical love, this site serves as a repository for recovering the diverse lives, perspectives and contributions of Black Autists.

Autism in the Past

Although the history of Black Autism/Autistic Blackness has been relatively unexplored, this space is envisioned as a place to house, locate, recover, and share stories and experiences from the past. This archive in progress takes on the challenges of recognizing and documenting Black Autism before it had a name or a community in which to exist.

Autism in the Present

Autism in the Present highlights some of the contemporary social media platforms that discuss how Autism intersects with Blackness and other aspects of identity, such as gender, and sexuality. These spaces also allow for commentary about marginalized and often masked historical realities of Autistic Blackness impacted by structural racism, sexism, and racialized violence, 

Readings and Other Resources

A list of scholarly publications, blogs, videos, artwork, and other resources exploring Autistic Blackness.

This project is an an initiative of Diana Paulin, Ph.D., and a team of students and staff at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.

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